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Welcome to 2R

March 4, 2020

Welcome back to 2020! The first 5 weeks have flown by and we have now started to get into regular daily routines.

2R have been establishing class norms and have settled into the year gradually. Throughout the day, we are doing a number of activities including writing, daily 5, maths, and mindfulness. We have guided play each day except Fridays as we have stage 1 sport on that day. On Tuesdays we are very lucky to have computers with Mrs Oswald and library skills with Mrs Drew. We do art in the art room on Fridays. The students in 2R have been getting sweaty brains during daily rich mathematical experiences. They have loved the hands-on activities and enjoy solving problems.

Stage 1 are also doing an inquiry based on the beach. The students have expressed what they know about the beach and what they would like to learn. They have also paired off with a research buddy to investigate everything about a sea creature of their choice. At the end of the term, the students research will be published into an info-graph and presented to the class. We are doing sport on Fridays, where the students practice and play skill-based games focusing on fundamental movement skills. They are also learning non-locomotor and locomotor skills on Wednesday.

Lastly, the students are using the zones of regulation strategies to self-regulate and to recognise their own and other’s feelings. We are using the You Can Do It program on Fridays to further their knowledge of these skills.

Mr. Roffey.

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