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5D 2020

March 6, 2020

We have had such an exciting and productive time in 5D already this year! Students are challenging themselves and working on developing skills such as organisation, risk-taking, and goal setting. We have been exploring growth mindset and confidence to ensure that students are motivated and believe in their ability to learn and grow in all areas of their lives.

In Literacy, our class will be using a range of multimodal Rich Texts, Guided Reading, Literature Circles, and Phonics sessions targeted at students’ points of need. Our current text, House Held up by Trees links to our Geography and Science units which are centred on ‘the impact of the environment on living things’. We use our Rich Texts as inspiration for our writing by identifying a range of visual and literary techniques. We provide the reader with vivid mental images of the scenery and characters. Students will develop effective discussion and presentation skills to ensure that students are able to respectfully agree or disagree by providing evidence for their opinions and to share their work. Google Classroom is a tool which enables students to work independently and develops valuable technological skills for students, and we do much of our literacy work on this platform.

In Numeracy, lessons begin with a number sense routine as a warm-up. A range of strategies are presented to students during Rich Mathematical Experiences (investigations or activities). Students look for the most efficient strategy as well as for other possible strategies to check their understanding and solution. In addition to this, explicit teaching (known as “Tight Targeted Teaching”) occurs on the basis of individuals or small groups of students to support and consolidate their understanding of mathematical content and skills. Mathematical discussions and maths norms are an important part of our lessons. These include trying your best, a sweaty brain, trial and error, growth mindset, and working collaboratively. Students get to work with a range of partners throughout the year which they enjoy and it exposes them to a variety of ways of thinking.

Personal Development has consisted of General Capabilities lessons in our Social and Emotional Learning Program. This includes Zones of Regulation and the You Can Do It program. So far has included growth mindset, confidence, and emotional regulation.  In Sport and PE, we have been utilising a Gymnastics Program from the external provider, Primarily Active, and have been practising the field events for the Athletics Carnival (namely shotput, discus, and long jump). Our school’s Guided Play also supports the Personal Development and Physical Education Program, where teachers provide daily physical or mindful activities for students to experience and learn from.

Stage 3 has two local excursions this term to Blackbutt and Shortland Wetlands. Both excursions link to our Geography, Science, and English units of work for terms 1 & 2. They will provide students with hands-on and real-world experience that will extend students and take them from theory to fieldwork.

Homework is optional and is allocated on Seesaw and once students login they can post their activities to their journal.

Feel free to reach out via SeeSaw, email, or by phoning the office. I can’t wait to see how our students develop into outstanding leaders and achieve their personal best in 2020.

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