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5L… The beginning

March 6, 2020

5L has created a learning environment that is a fun, exciting, and a happy place to be. Our days have been spent getting to know each other, taking risks, agreeing and disagreeing, playing, and challenging ourselves. We are constantly discussing our goals and future direction, what we want our classroom norms to be and how we can create a learning environment built around our 17 capabilities, having a growth mindset, and valuing our 3 school values. We have already supported some of our friends face challenges and work through them, we are supporting each other to celebrate and work through our mistakes, and developed relationships formed around trust and appreciation.

Our Inquiry Unit has had us look at some big topics, with our question being “How do physical conditions affect the survival of living things”. We have read texts, viewed documentaries, discovered more questions, engaged with novels, and looked deeply into sustainability and what it means to us. Our Geography and Science units are centred on ‘the impact of the environment on living things’ and we will continue to work around this topic and see where our investigations lead. Our main text ‘House Held up by Trees’ has been a thought-provoking journey about relationships and change, something we can all relate to. Our understanding of the Visual Literacy Techniques has supported our understanding, encouraged us to look deeper at the illustrations, and consequently strengthened our comprehension. 5L have been using a range of multimodal Rich Texts, Guided Reading, Literature Circles, and Phonics sessions targeted at students’ points of need. Our spelling folders are ready to be used and attacked during Independent English time and we are interested to learn more about the origin of words and make connections.

5L Mathematicians are blooming and we have been getting very sweaty brains. Our lessons begin with a Maths ‘Warm Up’ which may be a worded question, dot talk, new game, representation of number, building on strategies and discussing efficiency, and more. After our ‘Warm Up’ we move into an investigation (RME-Rich Mathematical Experience) where we pause and play, stop and start, discuss and share, disagree and agree, play, and take risks. In addition to this, explicit teaching (known as “Tight Targeted Teaching”) occurs on the basis of individuals or small groups of students to support and consolidate their understanding of mathematical content and skills. During this time we are also starting to use our very new Math Menu’s which are just delicious! Just ask us. Mathematical discussions and maths norms are an important part of our lessons. These include trying your best, a sweaty brain, trial and error, growth mindset, and working collaboratively. Our Math Buddies will continue all year and will change along the way. We challenge ourselves to have a learning environment that no matter who you are working wit, we all feel included, supported, and heard.

Personal Development has consisted of General Capabilities lessons in our Social and Emotional Learning Program. This includes Zones of Regulation and the You Can Do It program. So far has included growth mindset, confidence, and emotional regulation.  In Sport and PE, we have been utilising a Gymnastics Program from the external provider, Primarily Active, and have been practising the field events for the Athletics Carnival (namely shotput, discus, and long jump). Our school’s Guided Play also supports the Personal Development and Physical Education Program, where teachers provide daily physical or mindful activities for students to experience and learn from. Our swimming carnival was a huge hit and it was great to see every swimmer have fun whether they were competing or not.

Stage 3 has two local excursions this term to Blackbutt and Shortland Wetlands. Both excursions link to our Geography, Science, and English units of work for terms 1 & 2. They will provide students with hands-on and real-world experience that will extend students and take them from theory to fieldwork.

Homework is optional. Both Seesaw and our Google Classroom are guides to what we can be doing at home. Also just ask us. We can show you many games we have been learning and how we are challenging ourselves to be life long learners.

We are very lucky in 5L. Our room is full of energetic, happy, resilient young people who are keen to share ideas, disagree, challenge, work together, and have FUN.

Bring on the rest of 2020.

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