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6H Class Diary – Term 1

March 4, 2020

With the initial phase of year 6 completed, 6H has embraced a classroom environment that promotes happiness, enjoyment, and students feeling comfortable and empowered to take control of where they are at on their individual learning journeys and what we can collectively do to enable and extend every student.

In Literacy, our class will be utilising Rich Texts, Guided Reading, Literature Circles, and Phonics sessions targeted at students’ points of need. Our current text, Pannikin and Pinnta, links to our Geography and Science units which is centred on ‘the impact of the environment on living things’. Our writing tasks will also flow from our Rich Texts, where students will learn to identify and utilise written and visual literacy techniques that provide the reader with vivid mental images of the scenery and characters. Our class Novel for Term 1, Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeve, also provides the class with a shared listening-comprehension experience where we investigate plot and character developments, author choice, and style of writing that impacts the reader.

In Numeracy, our class is utilising an extensive range of Number Talks as our warmups, where students are empowered to utilise various (and efficient) strategies to mentally solve a range of mathematical problems. Our goal is for students to find ‘their’ way of solving problems and share and teach this to the rest of the class. Rich Mathematical Experiences (investigations), where students work together to solve a problem occur frequently throughout the week, with these tasks set up to provide a challenge and initial-struggle for our students to work through. In addition to this, TNT (Tight and Targeted) mini-lessons will occur where explicit teaching points are provided to identified groups of students who have a specific learning outcome to be achieved.

In other areas of the schooling experience, 6H has been working in Personal Development on Regulating Emotions through the use of Zones of Regulation and the Program ‘You Can Do It’, which has been focused on empowering students to recognise what Personal Best is and how we can individually achieve success every day. In Sport and PE, we have been utilising a Gymnastics Program from the external provider, Primarily Active, and have been practicing the field events for the Athletics Carnival (namely shotput, discus, and long jump). Our school’s Guided Play also supports the Personal Development and Physical Education Program, where teacher’s provide daily physical or mindful activities for students to experience and learn from.

To prepare students for the next step in their education, that being High School, regular homework-activities will be set on See-Saw for students to complete at their leisure. This will be linked to school work from the previous week and offer students the opportunity to embed their learning and practice time management. Regular tasks with ample opportunities to complete in class will also be set with due dates so that students are exposed to the habit of having due dates and deadlines for the submission of work.

As always, if parents of 6H need anything, feel free to reach out in person, through the office, or via SeeSaw, and I will endeavour to get back to you in as quick a fashion as possible. We have a great group of students in 6H and I look forward to the year ahead and cultivating a comfortable and safe environment for them to learn, have fun, share in friendships and enjoy their final year at New Lambton South.

Mr Hawke

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