New Lambton South Public School

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Assessment and reporting

Our teachers use a variety of strategies to assess student learning. These include observing work in class and looking closely at tasks throughout the year.

Twice a year, teachers formally assess a student’s achievement based on the outcomes described in the syllabus of each subject. A written report using the common grade scale is sent home in the first half of the year, usually near the end of Term 2, and again in Term 4. This gives a clear picture of your child’s learning.


We provide detailed information to students about what we expect from them throughout the year and how their work will be assessed. Students have a number of formal assessments throughout their schooling.

Assessment needs to provide opportunities for every student to demonstrate what they know, understand, and can do. Assessment at New Lambton South is based on a belief that all learners are on a path of development and that every learner is capable of making progress. Students bring a diversity of cultural knowledge, experience, language proficiency and background, and ability to the classroom.

Students receive written reports twice per year. Parent-teacher interviews are held several times throughout the year and we encourage you to attend.

Parent-teacher meetings

It has been agreed with the P and C that in 2024 there will be no specific days and times for Parent teacher interviews. 

Parents can make contact with the teacher at any time and request an interview.  Also, teachers will be in regular contact with parents to ensure a good understanding of your child’s progress at school.

If you need an interpreter, ask us to call the interpreter service on 13 14 50. This service is free.